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I am a lawyer by profession, lover of nature and outdoor life. In recent years, hand in hand with the Ngenko team, I have put a lot of energy and dedication into the Foundation, managing to materialize step by step a dream that I had since 2016. It has been very gratifying to see how we have been growing and learning together, no only with the team, but also hand in hand with other environmental organizations that fight for similar objectives.


I am very interested in academia and research, and I hope that Ngenko will also become a space that can bring researchers, including myself, closer to the territories, their people and their lifestyle. I believe that a dialogue that involves all the actors is essential to be able to generate changes that are important and permanent over time, especially on environmental issues.

Pia Weber


Environmental Lawyer Master in Law from the University of Melbourne.


In nature protection I found a niche towards which to channel my work as a lawyer and also my motivation for nature photography. Both are tools that I want to put at the service of raising awareness about the importance  of the different ecosystems, for themselves and for life in general; and the need to move towards an institutionality that recognizes that. I am motivated by work in the field, connecting with local realities and from there promoting avenues of action for their protection.

Nicole mansuy

Desertification and Monoculture Coordinator

Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


In recent years, thanks to photography, I have been able to once again appreciate the invaluable beauty and diversity of Chile. This, together with several changes in my way of living and thinking, led me to be much more aware of the nature that surrounds us and all the ways in which it is destroying itself.  

I believe that today everyone has the possibility to express their ideas and interests like never before. My interest is nature and its protection, that is why I am happy and proud to be part of Ngenko.

German Weber

Audiovisual Coordinator

Melbourne Polytechnic Photographer

Kinesiologist Andrés Bello University


Nature has always been a space in which my life has unfolded, and I think we have all witnessed how indiscriminate development has impacted it in recent years. It seems to me essential that we have a vision of the future that considers nature in an integral way, not only for our own benefit, but also for a subsistence that allows us to maintain it over time with its best qualities.  

In the Ngenko Foundation I have found a space in which to develop my interest in environmental law and water law, allowing to contribute to constructive proposals that will generate a positive impact.

Angeles Hermosilla

Fresh Water Coordinator

Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

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