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Nicole mansuy

Revisa aquí las fotografías ganadoras del concurso del año 2023 y un resumen de lo que fueron las exposiciones. 

río puelo

German Weber

About us

We are  a non-profit organization  motivated by the protection of nature and the possibility of achieving a harmonious coexistence among all the actors.  


We are dedicated to education, research, and environmental protection, and to strengthening the social fabric. Our main objectives are to articulate the different actors at the national, regional and local level; and on the other hand, to influence public policies and regulatory framework aimed at the protection of nature through our actions.


We are a multidisciplinary team from different regions of Chile that intends to contribute its knowledge to the fulfillment of these objectives. But more importantly, we seek to learn from the same communities and actors with whom we connect, and translate that learning into our work.

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Patagon Journal
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Futaleufu Riverkeeper
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