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German Weber

Are  a non-profit organization motivated by the protection of nature and the possibility of moving towards a harmonious coexistence among all the actors.  


We are dedicated to education, research, and environmental protection, and to strengthening the social fabric. Through these lines of action we seek to articulate the different actors at the national, regional and local level; and on the other hand, to influence public policies and regulatory framework aimed at the protection of nature.


We are a multidisciplinary team from different cities in Chile that intends to contribute its knowledge to the fulfillment of these objectives. But more importantly, we seek to learn from the same communities and actors with whom we connect, and translate that learning into our work.



Ngenko seeks to establish itself as an organization close to the communities, especially indigenous communities, students and anyone who seeks to approach environmental issues and actively participate in the processes that will allow to continue advancing in the protection of nature. At the same time, we seek to be a relevant actor in the decision-making processes of public policies and regulatory framework.


Ngenko is an organization that seeks to contribute to education, research, and environmental protection, as well as the strengthening of the social fabric. Through these actions, we seek to articulate the different actors in the territory at different levels: national, regional and local. 

On the other hand, we aspire to influence public policies and regulatory frameworks aimed at the protection of nature through their actions.

Equipo Directivo



Nicole Mansuy

​Ángeles Hermosilla


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María José Maldonado

Germán Weber

Andrea Lizana

Vinculación Territorial




Rosalía Fernández


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Fabian Vallespin

Political Scientist

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Macarena Risso



Patricia viviani



Patricia viviani



Paul Oliger



Rodolfo Huichacura

Aquaculture Technician


Sofia dietz 

Law graduate


Francisca Flores



Paul Oliger



Rodolfo Huichacura

Aquaculture Technician


Rodolfo Huichacura

Aquaculture Technician


German Weber

Our history

writing it day by day

At Ngenko, our passion for nature and commitment to protecting the environment come together. It constitutes a space for self-training in which we contribute to connecting our team of professionals with the communities and their challenges. 


The need to generate profound changes in the way society relates to nature was always a constant concern of our founder. Pía Weber, an environmental lawyer and river lover, connected this concern with the urgency of protecting Patagonia's rivers through her research in Australia in 2016.  


They say that dreams are better when shared, and that is how Germán Weber contributes to amplifying the voice of this dream. With his experience in communications and audiovisual productions, he has highlighted the impacts of the different extractive industries and has positioned the values that mobilize our organization.  


One of our main challenges has been to spread this message like seed among the new generations of professionals concerned about nature. In this way, Nicole Mansuy found in Ngenko a space of communion between her passion for photography and professional interests as a lawyer.  


This is how Pía, Germán and Nicole have been developing this project. Through a process of constant learning and synergy with their interests and motivations. On the other hand, participation in different meetings and educational activities have contributed to generating alliances and working together with other environmental organizations.  


In this way, the Foundation has positioned itself as an actor that contributes to the dialogue between the academic and institutional sectors, socio-environmental movements and communities. Furthermore, Ngenko Foundation has become a home of training and inspiration that has hosted a dozen critical professionals concerned about conservation.

Why do we choose the name  Ngenko?

NgenKo is a Mapuche concept, which refers to the protective spirit of the waters. The word Ngen refers to the spirits of nature, and the word Ko is water. 


For Mapuche communities, like many other indigenous people in the world, water and land are not only elements of nature that provide them with a benefit; they are primarily spirits and/or energies, which are a fundamental part of their worldview. 


This results in them having a different relationship with nature than the one Western Society has had with the world for years.


Our goal at NgenKo is to inform ourselves and transmit what we as a team learn about indigenous people and their vision of the world, opening ourselves to understand new ways of addressing environmental problems and relating to our environment.


Nicole mansuy

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