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Nicole mansuy

Environmental education

We believe that environmental education constitutes the basis for contributing to the development of people empowered in the protection of their natural environment and active in the instances of citizen participation.  


At Ngenko, we collaborate in different learning processes:

  • Sharing the legal and technical information that we handle on the different areas of knowledge and understanding of environmental challenges.

  • Contributing to the generation of awareness, development of skills and critical thinking around environmental challenges.

  • Promoting action and participation in pursuit of the resolution of socio-environmental conflicts.


To give you an idea, these are some of the workshops that we have developed.  


  1. Rights of Nature

  2. Legal tools for the protection of the rivers of Chile.

  3. Constitution and Environment

  4. Constitution and Waters.

  5. Protection mechanisms for the rivers of Chile: citizen perception.

  6. Environmental Impact Assessment System


If you are interested in any of them or another, write us!

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